A Critical Definition of Feminism in Literature

Feminism seems to be the buzzword of modern times, but what exactly does it mean and what is its importance in literature so we will look at the feminism definition in literature. Feminism includes political ideas, ideologies and even a way of life. In earlier times, women were looked down and men were considered superior to them. Feminism evolved to dispel this myth. To prove and spread awareness that women were as good as any man in almost everything.


Literary works of the past depicted women as helpless creatures that were not cable of taking care of themselves. They would often get in troublesome or dangerous situations and thus would only serve as a plot element where the heroic male protagonist, the proverbial knight in a shining armor would come to save the day. They were also portrayed as creatures ruled by sentiments and getting emotional easily. A character who could be manipulated easily and served as objects of desire more than anything else. It is this objectification of women that the feminism definition in literature tries to do away with. Modern literature of such types portrays women as strong characters who can carry the plot on their more than capable shoulders. They are as strong both mentally and physically as any man and sometimes can even come to the rescue of the male characters. They can lead armies into battle while still fulfilling their roles as mothers. They can head huge businesses while managing thousands of employees as well as any man.

So the question that we need to ask now is that has this Feminism definition in literature brought about the change its inception desired to. While we are still far from that perfect literary world where women are as important as men, we are slowly but steadily getting there. More and more female-centric literary works are being published each day and even in male-centric publication women are portrayed as strong characters who are more than just an object but an important component in the plot. Feminism definition in literature is bringing about the winds of change that women have always wanted and we are glad about it.

Gif Photo Booth | Step Up Your Party!

Get a Gif Photo Booth for Your Next Birthday PartyOrganizing parties may be your passion, or maybe you’ve been asked to set one up for an event. No matter what the case may be, you are looking for ways to make your party stand out. You need to make this a party that guests will not forget the very next day.

GIF photo booths might help you. Photo-booths for GIF offer all the fun that regular photo booths offer, plus more. In this article, we’ll tackle some of the most common questions we get about photo-booths for GIF to help you understand what it can do for your party:

What on Earth Is a Gif Photo Booth?

A Gif booth is a photo booth that specializes in making GIFs, an animated set of 3 photos in a continuous loop. Instead of laying out the pictures in a strip and printing them out, GIF booths take the pictures and use their software to transform the pictures into a 2-second loop.

GIFs are much more fun than static photos since they give the illusion of quirky and abrupt movement. So the GIFs produced by these booths will pop out with colors and edgy movements.

What Kind of Gif Booth Software Do They Use?

There are special kinds of Gif booth software dedicated to quickly turn photos or videos into GIFs. These GIF-spitting software solutions run fast, allowing the photo booth staff to generate your guests’ GIF in a matter of seconds.

Most GIF booth software allows users to select the interval of time for each photo, so your guests can choose if they want the photo to change every 2 or 5 seconds.

There are also built-in animated backgrounds to add spice to the already smoking hot GIFs, so your guests won’t run out of options.

GIF Photo Booths for Parties and Events

How Much Do Photo-Booths for GIF Rental Cost?

Some GIF booths may cost more than the others, but they won’t break the bank. At the most, expect to pay around $300 for 2 hours. So the photo-booths for GIF rental cost will largely depend on two factors. The going rate of your chosen photo booth provider and the hours you plan to rent them.

What Are Some Tips for Hiring an Animated GIF Booth?

There are three main things you need to look for with animated GIF booth providers: accessibility, affordability, and excellent service. The first one is easy to tackle: you just need to narrow down your search to local photo booth providers. The more accessible the GIF booth company is, the better.

Knowing their affordability and excellent service takes research. You can search for photo booth providers online, or you can rely on referrals from friends or families.

Compare their prices for Gif photo booth rental. Look at the quality of their pictures and GIFs. Research genuine customer reviews, and initiate contact with your final three GIF booth providers. Observe how they will deal with you as a customer, and go for the one with the best customer service.


Having a Gif booth can be the difference between a good and a fantastic party. Give your guests the best experience ever with trusty animated GIF booth software.

Who Says Bees Are Going Extinct? Reasons for Hiring a Bee Exterminator in Brampton

The extinction of bees can be harmful for the entire civilization on this earth because they play a very important role in sustaining the ecosystem of this planet. Nearly one third of what humans and other living beings eat is pollinated by bees. Approximately 400 types of plants and crops grown for the consumption of humans require pollination by the insects like bees for their better quality and growth.

These crops and plants may include vegetables, fruits and nuts along with the oil plants like sunflower and rapeseed and the plants of tea, coffee and cocoa. The fodder crops grown for dairy livestock including cows also require pollination by bees. Along with food crops several other crops like cotton etc also rely on pollination of bees.

Besides maintaining the supply of fragile foods bees also help in maintaining the ecosystem of the entire world. They pollinate the fruits, berries and seeds eaten by the small mammals and birds directly from the plants. In this way, bees can be termed as the guardian of the biodiversity of human civilization as well as the food chains. So the extinction of bees means the end of civilization on the earth.

Though bees are so important for mankind still they have to hire professional bee exterminators due to various reasons.

Reasons for hiring a bee exterminator (especially in Brampton)…

  • Prevention of painful stings: It is one of the main reasons of hiring brampton bee exterminators. Various varieties of bees and wasps sting humans which can cause anaphylactic shock or allergic reaction in many cases. Such painful and dangerous can be prevented by eliminating bees from the site.
  • Removal of potentially dangerous beehives: If you have beehive on your property then you have to hire a professional to remove it safely. They have all the equipment and tools required for this purpose. You can be stung several times if you try to remove it yourself without any experience in this regard.
  • Protection of your walls: If the walls of your property have a beehive buried within then instead of damaging the structure of your home you should hire a professional bee exterminator to destroy them.
  • Reduce allergies: A beehive in your home can increase the risk of allergies as they pollinate various types of flowers and you can be allergic to some of them. So to reduce the possibilities of allergies you can hire a professional exterminator.
  • Prevention of serious health issues: Many people do not know that they are allergic to bee sting unless they experience it. You are at risk of several serious health problems if you are allergic to bee sting. In order to eradicate the chance of these health problems you will have to destroy beehive in your premise.

Thus, even if the bees play important role in saving the ecosystem of this earth, still you have to hire a bee exterminator to control their infestation due to the reasons discussed above. It is necessary to hire a professional bee exterminator as they know how to remove them without being stung.

Psychic Dating Is A Real Thing, Here’s Why You Should Care

Psychic Dating

Psychic dating is a real thing, and there are some reasons as to why you should care if you have ever thought about this. There are a lot of people out there that have had some psychic experience in their lives, and they wish they had someone that they could share this with. Of course finding this kind of person in real life is difficult, so the only option left is to seek this person online. This is why there are a lot of dating sites out there. These dating sites will help you find the right person that you are looking for and one that will be there for you to listen to you when you want to talk about this. It is pretty hard to get such a person in your ordinary day to day life as you do not walk with a sign hanging on you that you are psychic. So Psychic Dating Is A Real Thing, Here’s Why You Should Care.

You Meet People Like You

This means that it gives you a sense of belonging that you normally would not find in this real world as you do not go advertising yourself that you are psychic. When you try psychic dating, you get to meet people that are actually into what you are so that you can share a lot more. Some people when you open up to them, they might make you feel awkward about your gift, but when you do psychic dating, you do not have to worry about this at all.

Get To Share a Lot

The fact that you do get to meet people like you means that you can communicate on a whole new level of intimacy.  You even get to ask a psychic a free question today if you get lucky enough.  Getting to know a person and realizing that they are just like you is the best feeling ever and this is what you get to experience with psychic dating. A lot of people hadn’t believed that it exists, but the truth is that it is there and these are some of the reasons that you need to try it. If you have had any psychic experiences, then this is the place to share them so that anyone with a similar interest will get to contact you. Sharing is the first step to making sure that you do get to meet that right person and you should not be afraid of doing this.

It Is Real

Yes, it is real, and it is out there all you have to do is make sure that you reach out just like being a psychic is all about. It doesn’t have to be every day that you do this, but there is a point in your life that you felt you were psychic then that is enough. This implies that if you have any memorabilia, then this is the place top share it so that other members who have the same things in common as you can get to reach you. Dating someone who is psychic as yourself is now possible, and it does not require much work actually to find a date.

Perils of being a Homeowners – Broken AC and HVAC System

Accidents usually happen when least expected and the same can be said about the breaking down of AC and HVAC systems. As a home owner, when this happens you will be unsure whether the costs of repairing or replacing it will be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. The source of the breaking down or damage of your AC and HVAC system will determine whether the insurance company will chip in or not.

A broken HVAC system can cause peril in any season, but especially winter and summer.

There are a number of instances when the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the damages especially when the source is Mother Nature. The insurance company will cover the damages in the case of the damage being caused by one of the named perils in the policy. When the damage is caused by the normal wear-and-tear then it will be hard for the insurance company to cover the replacement or repair costs. Below we look at the instances when the insurance company will chip in and when it will be up to the homeowner to settle their repair and replacement costs when the AC or HVAC systems break down.

Cases when the broken HVAC unit is Covered by Insurance

Home owners living in areas that require heat during the winter and the services of an AC in the hot summers cannot survive without these systems. If the damage visited upon your HVAC system stems from natural disasters, fire or any other catastrophe, the repair and replacement costs are taken care of by the home owners’ insurance policy. It is important for home owners to have this policy as these damages are mostly unforeseen. There are policies that also cover burst or frozen pipes or damages caused by falling objects.

Instances when damages to HVAC system are not covered

Sadly, there are instances where the policy does not cover the repair or replacement costs. This is mostly in instances where the typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damages caused by an earthquake. Basic maintenance is not also covered under this insurance policy. The insurance company will also not cover the repair costs if the HVAC system stops working due to a known reason. In such a case, the homeowner has to cater for the repair costs from their own pockets. At times the cost of repair could be so high that it would be better to replace the whole system, which the homeowner will foot as well. A homeowner can try to submit a claim but it is likely that this will be denied.

Major Appliance Insurance Policy

A homeowner can reduce their perils of having to cater for the costs of repairing or replacing their broken HVAC unit by purchasing a major appliance insurance. This will cover the air conditioning repair costs.  This is important, because when my system broke this past summer, I had to call up several orlando ac companies near me to get cost estimates, and they were all pretty significant.  Having insurance cover this thing would have been a big cost saver for me.

It is a special type of insurance that covers major appliances at home like the HVAC unit whenever they break down and have to be repaired. A home owner should contact their insurance company to find out more about the additional coverage.

It is important to understand that the newer and efficient an HVAC unit is then the cheaper its coverage will be. The warranty period will also be longer thus saving the homeowner from having to foot the repair and replacement costs. Modern HVAC units are cost effective as they use less energy and cut down the repair costs.

The Winter Weather Blues – Cold and Flu Season

Summer is finally over. All the bugs have seemed to scatter. To where you see little to none around. Cold weather season is coming. It’s time to prepare for those cold days and winter nights. The signs that winter is coming, or should I say the realization that winter is here is when you first must pull out that sweater that has been sitting in your closet for a couple of months. After a month or so of that. You pull out the heavy coat. This is a tell-tale sign that it’s winter time. Stacking up in all the pharmaceuticals is going to be expensive. Mainly if you have a family to look after. It’s time to buckle down and get prepared. Cold and flu season is just around the corner. Here are signs that you can tell if you have a cold or flu.


Ever wonder why they put this gross diagram in doctors offices?

A cold is like a ninja. You will never realize that you have one until it’s full blown.  Next thing you know you are sitting with the ear nose and throat doctor wondering how you could have screwed up three seemingly distinct parts of your body with the same cold bug. The beginning signs of a cold is when your body has a drastic change in temperature. Some day’s it will be chilly and some days it will feel like summer is still here, but the first signs of a cold is when a person gets something called the sniffles.

It’s when your nose acts like it wants to run, but it’s not runny enough to clog your nasal cavity. Then, about three days later. You’ll wake up feeling groggy, minor to severe head-aches. You pay it no mind, and you go about your way. Thinking it’s allergies or something that doesn’t need attention.

Two days later, you wake up with your head pounding. Like someone is taking a hammer and hitting you directly in the temples on side of your head. You’re feeling nauseated and cannot keep anything down, with a minor fever. Whatever you try to eat. It just comes back up. Your body fills with chills, and the only thing you want to do is just go back to bed. Having a cold really sucks!


A flu is a strange bug that everyone has have sooner or later in their lives. Sometimes it comes along with a cold, or sometimes the flu virus just attacks a person without any warning. You feel like death has come over you. Suffering from severe head-ache’s, nausea, diarrhea, a dreadfully high fever, if untreated it can cause severe damage to the individual. If the flu is untreated, it can turn into pneumonia.

This illness has claimed victim to many people over the years; ending in death. Having the flu is so severe that you need to see a doctor. The doctors can control your fever so it won’t get out of control. Some people may need antibiotic’s, depending on the severity. The flu will stop you from doing anything for an entire five days to a week. These two viruses are always related and can be caught by having the other.

I suggest hat you stay prepared for these winter months. Over the counter drugs can sometimes help the situation, but if it is too severe. A doctor is needed to treat your ailment. Get prepared for these viruses, It could be life or death.


Why Personal Injury Lawsuits Aren’t Bullshit, and How to Go About Filing One

A lot of people claim that personal injury and various “torts”, or lawsuits, are bullshit.  They claim that it’s a broken system and people take advantage of it.  However, I’m here to take the opposing viewpoint.  Having had a fiancee who suffered a herniated disc in a car accident 5 years ago (some asshole didn’t stop at a stop sign), and she still suffer unbearable pain everyday, I know the victim side of the story.  Lawsuits like personal injury, malpractice, and other torts are meant to give the victim a fighting chance to  take the help of the law to get compensation for your injury and for all the emotional and/or financial loss.

You just need to know how to start the process and who can help you to make the process simple and effective. Once you face this situation, first you need to collect the proof, to get medical treatment, and then visit an attorney for the legal help. The process is not complicated. An attorney can help you much to present your case in a favorable manner.

Justice might be blind, but getting to her might be a bitch. Consider this when your a victim of personal injury.

What is the personal injury lawsuit and how to file it?

You need to file a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit is a legal step that is initiated by a person who has been injured by another person in different ways like accident, slip, defective product, or falls. You can get the personal injury anywhere, at your workplace, in the healthcare institutions (usually called medical malpractice), public places, at the restaurant, or while simply walking on the street. Some illness is also associated with the personal injury that includes work-related illness, pulmonary diseases, industrial diseases, and stress-related illness.
Your attorney will file a lawsuit demanding compensation for your personal injuries. You will have to prove that you have got injuries by the negligence of another party.
How much compensation will you get?

That mostly depends on the types of the injuries you have got. There are different types of the personal injuries. Personal injury lawsuits are specifically designed to get compensation for the past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, and for the low wages. The most common personal injury lawsuits are involved with the accidents, sports injuries, work-related injuries, and defective products. These injuries normally damage the person’s body and earning ability. Injuries at work can also be claimed if they get it from the harmful materials, toxic chemicals, safety hazards, and accidents.

Is there is a time limit?

The law might slightly different depending on the state you are living. In general, you will have to file the lawsuit within two years of the accident or such injury. After two years, your case will not be accepted by the legal system. As mentioned earlier, the time limit might vary. Hence, it is important to visit the concerned website to know the exact time limit of your state and then act accordingly.

What About a Lawyer?

A lawyer can understand the complications of the legal system. He can help you to present your case in your favor and can also help you to get the required documents. For personal injury compensation, you will need not witnesses, medical bills, and some other documents.  Hence a lawyer is absolutely crucial, I recently had to research chicago area medical malpractice law firms in order to help my fiancee with her case.

A lawyer can help you to know which documents are more important and how to collect them.Personal injury can harm your earning capability and can injure you severely. If any of your family members is going through this situation, then take help of the attorney to get compensation for your financial and emotional loss.

How Knitting and Quilting Help Us Stay Grounded in a Digital World

It’s not easy to stay grounded in a digital world. Job and work related issues, family troubles, financial woes, conflicts with friends, long boring commutes, and other factors can make us feel disconnected, burnt out, and stressed. Too many of us hardly take time to sit down to have dinner, let alone feel peaceful and content on a daily basis. It might be fast and easy to send off an email, text someone, plug in a movie, or watch a video on a smartphone, but are these technological practices helping us maintain a sense of self?

Learning from our Ancestors (You know, before the Internet)

Quilting was entertainment long before TV or Internet.

Our ancestors might not have had anywhere near the digital tools and tricks we have to day that make life easier, but they did have a refuge from life’s stressful moments: handcrafts. Knitting and quilting are two of the oldest and most beloved crafts. When your hands are engaged in making something, it slows the mind down and creates a sense of contentment. Then, when you’re finished, you have a beautiful sweater, warm pair of mittens, colorful scarf, or cozy quilt to use in your home or give away as a gift.

Knitting is a very enjoyable activity that has been practiced for centuries. Irish knitters made heavy duty cable Aran sweaters for fishermen to wear out on the freezing waters. Scandinavian sweaters from Norway and Sweden are famous for their red, white, and green colors, and blocky folk art patterns. One key way to stay grounded in a digital world is to support the sheep farmers and wool suppliers who provide such an amazingly wide array of yarns. Knitting has become more popular than ever, due to wonderful websites like Ravelry, which create online communities who share knitting patterns, ideas, and materials.

It Can Help Build Communities (You know, Before Facebook)

Quilting also has a long history of community. During the Civil War, women would form quilting bees to create soft blankets for the soldiers. Since many slaves in the Antebellum South were illiterate, some quilt patterns were even used to communicate on the Underground Railroad. In the later part of the 19th century, crazy quilts were created from leftover fabric scraps. The online version of quilting bees might be forums, but you can also start a quilting community of your own in your hometown. Ask around at fabric stores, to see if anyone is willing to pass on their quilting knowledge, for me I actually took advantage of this new fangled internet and learned a lot from this site. Take a couple of hours out of the hectic pace of modern life to sit around a table, pin appliques, and chat with other quilters.

Knitting and quilting connect us to the history that comes from thousands of crafters in the past. This helps us stay grounded in a digital world, during the present time when hand-crafted things are no longer a staple of regular life. It may be more common to go out and buy a sweater or quilt, but making something by hand has a lot of time and care invested into the process. The crafters of the past didn’t have emails or texts, but they could read patterns and cut fabric. We can still do the same today.

What is a Low Doc Loan and How Can It Be Used by Bloggers/Internet Entrepreneurs

The so-called “Low Doc Loan” is a facility introduced by banks over the past 15 to 20 years in response to the ever increasing numbers of people using the internet to make money. These loans are intended for use by individuals like bloggers who have no consistent workload and incomes which are hard to verify. So what are low doc loans and why do bloggers need them?

Here’s some smiling people about to complete a loan application with very little documentation. Good for those of use without W-2s.

Traditionally people applying for a home loan would prove their income by showing several years of pay slips from work and a bank statement. It was simple, 99% of people had pay slips and tax return papers. It took a little more effort if you were a consultant but by using a one man company, showing a contract and some healthy bank statements, it was usually possible to get what you wanted.

The internet has had many effects on our world, in particular how many people now work and get paid. In just 20 years the percentage of the world’s population with regular internet access has grown from to 0.5% to over 50% (Internet World Statistics as of September 2016).

Companies and individuals work together and payments are made without any verifiable records or paper trail, this being particularly true of the blogger. Government surveys indicate that 15 – 20% of the eligible workforce of the US and the UK now work from home, approximately half via the internet. Their work and income can be completely off the radar of tax and banking systems. That represents millions of potential business and homeowners who do not have the paperwork to satisfy the old banking loan procedures.

In response, the banks have reacted to the requirements of people like homework helpers, online tutors and bloggers by introducing the low doc loan. Generally speaking by showing bank statements for the past year, some samples of what you do and for whom you do it, a business or home-related loan can be authorized.

Many websites which specialize in online freelance work have built tracking systems into their operations which make it easier for the casual worker to effectively prove their income. If you can show so many hours and so many dollars per month you are nearly there. The last step is so-called “self-certification” where you sign a guarantee that you can afford the loan. There is no need for tax returns or company statements.

Because there is an added risk for the banks with these cases a low doc loan will usually come with a higher interest rate. In recent years with interest rates being very low, this has made little difference, jumping from 2 to 2.5% on a typical home loan. Be aware that the difference will increase as interest rates go up and this will make a big difference to your monthly payment as well as a significant difference in the long term.

As always when borrowing money, do not commit to a long term loan if you are not sure you have the long term income to pay it back. Once you sign up you are no longer an invisible online worker, you are back in the system, you cannot just start with a new username if things go wrong, and you will be held accountable.

2014 is the year of the blogger

The Webmagazine The Featurette appoints 2014 as the year of the blogger. From 6th January to 31st December, great German-speaking webmasters will be presented at www.featurette.de. So far in the Featurette write about 40 authors, in the course of 2014 it should be over 50. In the year of the blogger our bloggers get another stage: Every week, one of them, their texts and their blog are briefly presented.

The writers of the featurette write about politics, economics, everyday life, stylistic questions, environmental issues today, everyday observations or about self-knowledge. Together they create a new web magazine every day. This magazine is intended to make women more visible in the web, it wants to emphasize the content of the web so that everyone can get to know more than just the Alphablogs of the Internet – especially the great pages of bloggers to a wide range of topics. The webmagazine Featurette wants to offer surprise, give thought, pre-sort, weight. Every week we introduce a blogger and her blog in more detail. Ninia LaGrande, a blogger from the big city, who blogs about big city stories, feminism, art, music and much more – is here:


It is clear: the net is endlessly talked and written, so that many good texts quickly times. If you have many readers or followers, you are constantly gaining new ones, but those who write in a “niche” often remain undetected. The idea of the featurette is to always find new beads.

The featurette is edited by Mrs. Lila, Katrin Rönicke, Susanne Klingner and Barbara Streidl (co-authors of the feminist manifesto “We Alphamädchen” and co-founders of the weblog maedchenmannschaft.net). Ms Lila is a feminist initiative, under which the three authors feministically publish, initiate actions, forge alliances, plan events. They want to encourage women to speak, to act politically, to network, to fight for their rights and votes. They still consider emancipation as up-to-date and necessary.

You can find the blogger of the week in the Featurette blog. And now: discover, read, discuss – and with questions, the three Ms Lilas gladly answer questions.