2014 is the year of the blogger

The Webmagazine The Featurette appoints 2014 as the year of the blogger. From 6th January to 31st December, great German-speaking webmasters will be presented at www.featurette.de. So far in the Featurette write about 40 authors, in the course of 2014 it should be over 50. In the year of the blogger our bloggers get another stage: Every week, one of them, their texts and their blog are briefly presented.

The writers of the featurette write about politics, economics, everyday life, stylistic questions, environmental issues today, everyday observations or about self-knowledge. Together they create a new web magazine every day. This magazine is intended to make women more visible in the web, it wants to emphasize the content of the web so that everyone can get to know more than just the Alphablogs of the Internet – especially the great pages of bloggers to a wide range of topics. The webmagazine Featurette wants to offer surprise, give thought, pre-sort, weight. Every week we introduce a blogger and her blog in more detail. Ninia LaGrande, a blogger from the big city, who blogs about big city stories, feminism, art, music and much more – is here:


It is clear: the net is endlessly talked and written, so that many good texts quickly times. If you have many readers or followers, you are constantly gaining new ones, but those who write in a “niche” often remain undetected. The idea of the featurette is to always find new beads.

The featurette is edited by Mrs. Lila, Katrin Rönicke, Susanne Klingner and Barbara Streidl (co-authors of the feminist manifesto “We Alphamädchen” and co-founders of the weblog maedchenmannschaft.net). Ms Lila is a feminist initiative, under which the three authors feministically publish, initiate actions, forge alliances, plan events. They want to encourage women to speak, to act politically, to network, to fight for their rights and votes. They still consider emancipation as up-to-date and necessary.

You can find the blogger of the week in the Featurette blog. And now: discover, read, discuss – and with questions, the three Ms Lilas gladly answer questions.

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