A Critical Definition of Feminism in Literature

Feminism seems to be the buzzword of modern times, but what exactly does it mean and what is its importance in literature so we will look at the feminism definition in literature. Feminism includes political ideas, ideologies and even a way of life. In earlier times, women were looked down and men were considered superior to them. Feminism evolved to dispel this myth. To prove and spread awareness that women were as good as any man in almost everything.


Literary works of the past depicted women as helpless creatures that were not cable of taking care of themselves. They would often get in troublesome or dangerous situations and thus would only serve as a plot element where the heroic male protagonist, the proverbial knight in a shining armor would come to save the day. They were also portrayed as creatures ruled by sentiments and getting emotional easily. A character who could be manipulated easily and served as objects of desire more than anything else. It is this objectification of women that the feminism definition in literature tries to do away with. Modern literature of such types portrays women as strong characters who can carry the plot on their more than capable shoulders. They are as strong both mentally and physically as any man and sometimes can even come to the rescue of the male characters. They can lead armies into battle while still fulfilling their roles as mothers. They can head huge businesses while managing thousands of employees as well as any man.

So the question that we need to ask now is that has this Feminism definition in literature brought about the change its inception desired to. While we are still far from that perfect literary world where women are as important as men, we are slowly but steadily getting there. More and more female-centric literary works are being published each day and even in male-centric publication women are portrayed as strong characters who are more than just an object but an important component in the plot. Feminism definition in literature is bringing about the winds of change that women have always wanted and we are glad about it.

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