Netzfeminismus.org sees itself as a platform, which supports the exchange of feminists, who know mainly from the net. We invite you to regular meetings, which should soon be in your city.

Another offer is our speakers page. So that there is no longer an excuse that there are no women sitting on the discussion panels on social policy issues.


At the re: publica 2011 the “new” and the “old” network women met and discussed their experiences, goals and the future together. Since then, the monthly network-feminine bierrinken (with the Twitter hashtag #nfbb) takes place in Berlin.

It does not need much: A cozy place with a drink offer and a mail to contact (ät) netfeminismus.org – already we announce the netfeminist beer – on the blog and on Twitter.

People of all ages find many similarities, also beyond the gender question. Exchange and networking are the top priority of net feminism. Anyone can participate. Why is that great? We found the answer in a very nice video.