Fighting Insomnia for the Beleaguered Blogger

If you are a blogger, you are probably already familiar with the stress and the toll it takes on your body. If you are one who had left the nine to five job, to dive into the world of online earning only to soon realize that it was tougher than you thought, the pressure to pay the bills only compounds. It is no surprise then that a lot of bloggers have at some point suffered from insomnia. While insomnia may appear relatively harmless when compared to serious ailments, even mild insomnia can have devastating effects on your body.

The need for sleep is an absolutely important one for your body. When you suffer from insomnia, you do not get enough sleep and your body does not get enough rest. When your body is not well rested, your brain does not function at its peak. This can lead to loss of productivity, a deterioration in relationships and poor performance in all tasks. Chronic insomnia, when left untreated can even lead to serious ailments including mental ailments, heart ailments, and even cancer. Therefore, if you have symptoms of insomnia and are not getting your necessary hours of sleep, you need to take immediate action.

One of the best methods to fight insomnia is by the use of Melatonin (specifically Melatonin from Optimum Peptides). Melatonin, which is a hormone, has an important role in the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. Naturally, your body has the highest levels of Melatonin in the blood during the night time. Multiple clinical trials and medical research supplement the fact that Melatonin doses administered at the correct time can be helpful in the treatment of jet lag and sleep disorders like insomnia which involve the mismatch of your body’s natural biological clock with the natural night-day pattern of the outside world. It has also been shown that Melatonin may help reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep, however, this effect of the hormone is usually mild.

Melatonin thus appears to be an effective tool to help fight insomnia and restore the body’s sleeping cycles. It is increasingly being used for dealing with insomnia. However, you must remember to ask your health care professional for the dosage suitable for you. The flip side of using Melatonin include a few side effects such as feeling sleepy during the day, headaches and dizziness. Other rare but possible Melatonin side effects are abdominal discomfort, irritability, mild anxiety, confusion and abrupt passing feelings of depression.

It is important to remember to seek medical advice before you use Melatonin. Also, it is known to interact with medications of various types and physicians may advise you against it if you are using any of these medications, which include blood thinning agents or anticoagulants, immunosuppressants or drugs that suppress the immune system and even common ones such as diabetes medications and birth control pills.

Also remember to avoid Melatonin supplements made from animal sources as they could contain contaminants and only buy lab-produced commercial Melatonin supplements. You are also advised to skip activities that require you to be alert. This includes activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery, for up to five hours after you have taken Melatonin.

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