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Get a Gif Photo Booth for Your Next Birthday PartyOrganizing parties may be your passion, or maybe you’ve been asked to set one up for an event. No matter what the case may be, you are looking for ways to make your party stand out. You need to make this a party that guests will not forget the very next day.

GIF photo booths might help you. Photo-booths for GIF offer all the fun that regular photo booths offer, plus more. In this article, we’ll tackle some of the most common questions we get about photo-booths for GIF to help you understand what it can do for your party:

What on Earth Is a Gif Photo Booth?

A Gif booth is a photo booth that specializes in making GIFs, an animated set of 3 photos in a continuous loop. Instead of laying out the pictures in a strip and printing them out, GIF booths take the pictures and use their software to transform the pictures into a 2-second loop.

GIFs are much more fun than static photos since they give the illusion of quirky and abrupt movement. So the GIFs produced by these booths will pop out with colors and edgy movements.

What Kind of Gif Booth Software Do They Use?

There are special kinds of Gif booth software dedicated to quickly turn photos or videos into GIFs. These GIF-spitting software solutions run fast, allowing the photo booth staff to generate your guests’ GIF in a matter of seconds.

Most GIF booth software allows users to select the interval of time for each photo, so your guests can choose if they want the photo to change every 2 or 5 seconds.

There are also built-in animated backgrounds to add spice to the already smoking hot GIFs, so your guests won’t run out of options.

GIF Photo Booths for Parties and Events

How Much Do Photo-Booths for GIF Rental Cost?

Some GIF booths may cost more than the others, but they won’t break the bank. At the most, expect to pay around $300 for 2 hours. So the photo-booths for GIF rental cost will largely depend on two factors. The going rate of your chosen photo booth provider and the hours you plan to rent them.

What Are Some Tips for Hiring an Animated GIF Booth?

There are three main things you need to look for with animated GIF booth providers: accessibility, affordability, and excellent service. The first one is easy to tackle: you just need to narrow down your search to local photo booth providers. The more accessible the GIF booth company is, the better.

Knowing their affordability and excellent service takes research. You can search for photo booth providers online, or you can rely on referrals from friends or families.

Compare their prices for Gif photo booth rental. Look at the quality of their pictures and GIFs. Research genuine customer reviews, and initiate contact with your final three GIF booth providers. Observe how they will deal with you as a customer, and go for the one with the best customer service.


Having a Gif booth can be the difference between a good and a fantastic party. Give your guests the best experience ever with trusty animated GIF booth software.

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