Perils of being a Homeowners – Broken AC and HVAC System

Accidents usually happen when least expected and the same can be said about the breaking down of AC and HVAC systems. As a home owner, when this happens you will be unsure whether the costs of repairing or replacing it will be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. The source of the breaking down or damage of your AC and HVAC system will determine whether the insurance company will chip in or not.

A broken HVAC system can cause peril in any season, but especially winter and summer.

There are a number of instances when the homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the damages especially when the source is Mother Nature. The insurance company will cover the damages in the case of the damage being caused by one of the named perils in the policy. When the damage is caused by the normal wear-and-tear then it will be hard for the insurance company to cover the replacement or repair costs. Below we look at the instances when the insurance company will chip in and when it will be up to the homeowner to settle their repair and replacement costs when the AC or HVAC systems break down.

Cases when the broken HVAC unit is Covered by Insurance

Home owners living in areas that require heat during the winter and the services of an AC in the hot summers cannot survive without these systems. If the damage visited upon your HVAC system stems from natural disasters, fire or any other catastrophe, the repair and replacement costs are taken care of by the home owners’ insurance policy. It is important for home owners to have this policy as these damages are mostly unforeseen. There are policies that also cover burst or frozen pipes or damages caused by falling objects.

Instances when damages to HVAC system are not covered

Sadly, there are instances where the policy does not cover the repair or replacement costs. This is mostly in instances where the typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damages caused by an earthquake. Basic maintenance is not also covered under this insurance policy. The insurance company will also not cover the repair costs if the HVAC system stops working due to a known reason. In such a case, the homeowner has to cater for the repair costs from their own pockets. At times the cost of repair could be so high that it would be better to replace the whole system, which the homeowner will foot as well. A homeowner can try to submit a claim but it is likely that this will be denied.

Major Appliance Insurance Policy

A homeowner can reduce their perils of having to cater for the costs of repairing or replacing their broken HVAC unit by purchasing a major appliance insurance. This will cover the air conditioning repair costs.  This is important, because when my system broke this past summer, I had to call up several orlando ac companies near me to get cost estimates, and they were all pretty significant.  Having insurance cover this thing would have been a big cost saver for me.

It is a special type of insurance that covers major appliances at home like the HVAC unit whenever they break down and have to be repaired. A home owner should contact their insurance company to find out more about the additional coverage.

It is important to understand that the newer and efficient an HVAC unit is then the cheaper its coverage will be. The warranty period will also be longer thus saving the homeowner from having to foot the repair and replacement costs. Modern HVAC units are cost effective as they use less energy and cut down the repair costs.

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