No more excuses for women without panels.

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It is recommended to read through the list once, then nothing is lost, because some ladies have very special and interesting subject areas. After all, you want a great event – and you know: you have to take a little time for it :)
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The order of the ladies resulted from their addition and has no further statement.

Julia Schramm (@laprintemps), Berlin, Germany
: Digital life, digital politics, philosophy, Internet as a sociological space, blogging, international relations, democracy, German contemporary history, pirate party, data protection criticism
English German
Contact: mail (ät) juliaschramm.de

Anne Wizorek (@marthadear), Berlin
Is: Freelance consultant for digital strategies and online communication with focus on social media. Former Spreeblick blogger, co-organizer re: publica 2011, SlutWalk Berlin 2011 and Papergirl Berlin.
Can: #Social Media #Blogs #Feminism #Women in Tech #Feminist Activism #Music #Pop Culture #Interviews #Meme culture #Urban Art
Talks and workshops in: German, English
Website: http://flavors.me/annewizorek
Blog: http://anappleaday.tumblr.com
Contact: anne.wizorek (at) gmail (punkt) com

Katrin Rönicke (@ diekadda), Berlin
Can: net feminism, sexism on the web, women’s visibility, blogging, woman-lila, online journalism; Power and courage in the media; Stereotypes and competition in the digital world (also gender perspective); Young feminism – young women; Men’s emancipation; Generation dialogue Feminism;
Education: Educational standards; Educational concept (e); Education System; General education; Maturity and participation;
Languages: German and English
Contact: mail (ät) katrin-roenicke.de

Teresa Bücker (@fraeulein_tessa), Berlin
Social media editor at the SPD party chair, freelance author
Can: net politics, gender politics, equality, family policy, online media, blogging, twitter, social media, love and relationship in the net, online journalism, feminism / net feminism (book in work), literature
Blog: http://flannelapparel.blogspot.com/
Contact: http://gplus.to/teresabuecker, teresa [point] buecker [ät] gmail [dot] com

Anke Domscheit-Berg (@anked), Berlin, Germany
Can open government, opendata, community-public-partnerships, whistleblowing, women in IT (15 years of IT industry), women in leadership positions, glass covers, netpolitik, social media, digital society, feminism, apps for Germany, Government 2.0 Network Germany, Open Government Partnership, digital crowdsourcing, VroniPlag / Plagiarism, Democracy from below (digital rage), equality in Germany, Return on Diversity, guerillaknitting, Teachfirst Germany
Other Labels: Ossi, piratig
Redesprachen: german and english

Anne Roth (@annnalist), Berlin

Helga Hansen (@hanhaiwen), Osnabrück
Can: network policy, net feminism / sexism, (female) participation, blogging, girls’ team, representation of women in the media, (net) activism, data protection, Internet culture
S.a. http://hanhaiwen.wordpress.com/termine/
English, english helga (ät) maedchenmannschaft.net

Annina Luzie Schmid (@anninaluzie)
Can: women on the net, activism, laptop yoga, lyric and literature. Furthermore, blogging, talking, writing and explaining social media communication.
Languages: German / English
Contact: mail (ät) anninaluzieschmid.net

Julia Witt (@julia_witt), Berlin
Can: 1. Role of digital media in local politics /
Councilor for Youth, Family, Continuing Education and Culture


2. Culture and art
3. Policy advice and policy process
4. Publish mixes in the digital society (since 2003, I blog quasi, that is, send the newsletter www.die-guten-nachrichten-aus-berlin.de)
5. Women’s networks; For 5 years now I have been running the delicatessen salon, now with Anke, we call it delicatessen – the women’s network in Berlin -Brandenburg

Lavinia Steiner, (@laviniast), Berlin
Is: Chairman of Digitale Gesellschaft e.V.
Can be: Finance, Taxation, Network Policy (Net Neutrality, Copyright, Open Data, Open Gov.), Green Politics, Local Policy, DigiGes e.
Contact: currently lavinia (ät) digitalegesellschaft.de

Nicole Ebber (@antischokke), Berlin
Can: Wikimedia, Wikipedia, Creative Commons, Event organization, Iron Blogger, Karaoke and vegetarianism
Contact: nicole (ät) antischokke.de

Kathrin Ganz (@ihdl), Hamburg, Germany
Can: Digital life, digital culture, network policy activism, privacy / privacy debates, net feminism, intersectionality, podcasts, blogging, hackerbrause, social networks, FabLabs (Languages: German, English)
Contact: kathrin.ganz (ät) googlemail.com

Kübra Gümüsay (@kuebra)
Can: journalism, Islam, social media, blogging, anti-racism, feminism
Contact: info (ät) einfremdwoerterbuch.com

Maike Hank, @ruhepuls
Is: Social media editor
Can: Community Management (@Freedom), literature, blogging
Blog: http://www.ruhepuls.ws/

Agnieszka Krzeminska
Is one of the founders of the Digital Media Women in Hamburg
Can: Social Media Introduction to Business,
Social Media Privacy, and Trend / Future Research
Contact: agnieszka (ät) goldenezeiten.org

Nadine Freischlad
Can: community building, community management, social media strategy
Contact: mail (ät) texastee.de

Susanne Klingner, (@Klingner), Munich
Is: publicist
Can-do-yourself as a feminist phenomenon of the 21st century. Do-it-yourself is a feminist phenomenon of the 21st century
Languages: German, English
Contact: susanne (ät) fraulila.de

Carolin Buchheim, (@misscaro)
Can: explain the Internet. I especially like to explain why it is a blessing for local journalists and the media they make, and not the enemy.
Other favorite topics: blogging, Twitter, social media, network culture, digital life. I also like to read spam.
Contact: Carobuchheim [ät] gmail.com

Valentina Kerst (@valentinakerst), Cologne
Can: Topics:
Digital society, network policy, communal network policy, open data, open government
Internet Business / Business Web, new work models, Enterprise 2.0., Entrepreneurship, Mobile, Social Media
Organizations: SPD, discussion group network policy, forum network policy, software initiative Germany, Politcamp e.V., Initiative Internetstadt Cologne
Languages: German, English and (for the southern region) Croatian:)

Tanja Carstensen (@tanjcar), Hamburg
Can: Internet research, in particular employment work & Web 2.0 (sociological work), border management between private / public, subjects in digital culture, net feminism, technology sociology, technology and gender, gender relations on the Internet
Contact: carstensen (ät) tu-harburg.de

Maria Wersig, Berlin / Hildesheim
Lawyer, political scientist
Can: social data protection, legal policy, equality and family policy, gender and taxation
Contact: mariawersig (at) gmail (dot) com

Manuela Schauerhammer (@manubloggt), Berlin
Can: network policy, democracy, data protection & borders, dt-frz. Relations, German and / versus French network policy, the importance of decentralized (IT) structures for democracy & human rights, political / soc. Impact free software and licenses; Data retention, ELENA, census, youth media protection issues, network censorship, network participation, citizen participation; Collaborative work on the web; Voting rights, age-independent democratic participation, democratic education / free schools, educational rights, compulsory education, compulsory education; Feminism / Sexism, Sex vs. Sex Gender, family / queer policy Piratenpartei
Blogs, twitters
Languages: German & French (Bilingual), English

Kati Krause, (@katikrause)
Is: responsible for Dailymotion in Germany and Austria, organizer of magazine events Tinta de la Casa, journalist, author.
Can: Webvideo, Magazine Publishing, Digital Publishing, Editorial Design, Online Journalism.
Contact: kati (ät) katikrause.com

Doris Aschenbrenner
Can: network politics, democracy, feminism, SPD, jusos, technology, education, and much more
Contact: doris.aschenbrenner (ät) gmx.de

Eva Horn (@ Habichthorn), Stuttgart
Can be: green junk, twitter, flitters, activism (without network), social media, political science, EU policy, state policy Baden-Württemberg.
Mail: evahorn83 (at) googlemail.com

Caroline printer, @Bougie
Is currently still working on @Soundcloud, is starting from June Etsy Germany
Can: Marketing, online journalism, publishing, innovation, start-ups, women in tech
Contact: t.caroline.printer (ät) gmail.com
Languages: German and English

Merle of Wittich (@ Maeusehaut), Berlin
Can: administration, politics, culture, BVV, Piratenpartei, NGOs, Central Asia
German, english bywittich (ät) googlemail.com

Ninia Binias, (@NiniaLaGrande)
Can: blogging, twisting, slam poetry, literature, music, art, writing, moderating, speaking
Contact: ninialagrande (ät) gmail.com

Kixka Nebraska @ Kixka @Professor, Hamburg
Is: Co-founder of the Digital Media Women
Can: Digital Identity, Digital Profiles, Web Tools, Social Media / Self-Marketing / Portfolios for … (journalists, academics, self-employed, books women etc) Image / photo analysis, face recognition / prevention, digital culture
Contact: 007 (ät) profilagentin.com

Carolin Wiedemann, Berlin
Can: research on protest and association forms in the net, anonymous, subjectivation, gender; Antira; journalism
Contact: mail (ät) carolinwiedemann.com

Susanne Krones
Can be: education, book market, present literature, society / digitalization and society, university, children’s and youth media and cultures / digital natives, cultural journalism, literature, media, religion – moderation, lecture / keynote, discussion , jury
References include: Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, University of Regensburg, University of Cologne, German Taschenbuch Verlag (dtv), Carl Hanser Verlag, lit.Cologne, Literary Colloquium Berlin, Neue Gesellschaft Frankfurter Hefte, S. Fischer, ZEITacademics-Blog
Contact: post (ät) susanne-krones.de

Katharina Meßmer (@total reflexion), Berlin
Is: On the board of the expert gender studies (FG Gender).
Can: Sociology, Biopolitics, Enhancement, Intim Surgery / Beauty Surgery, Empirical Social Research, SPD Policy, Women’s Politics, Film Studies, Political Linguistics, Science, Networks, Feminism, Gender Studies, Gender Representation in the Media , Transsexuality.
Contact: kathy.messmer (ät) googlemail.com

Ulrike Reinhard (@ ulrike_reinhard), Neckarhausen near Heidelberg
Can: Africa. India and Europe, the impact of the Internet on business, society, politics and education.
Make magazines and shoot videos with interesting people. Is currently building a school in India.
Contact: ulrike (ät) ulrikereinhard.com

Caja Thimm, Bonn / Heidelberg
Is: Professor of Media Studies and Intermediality at the University of Bonn, Greens
Can: gender, power, age, game, e-learning, social web, virtuality & identity, Wikileaks, municipal policy
Contact: thimm (ät) uni-bonn.de

Jana Ballenthien (@SKUDIJ), Hamburg, Göttingen
Can: Internet research, in particular work of work & Web 2.0 (sociological work), border management between private / public, subjects in digital culture, digital culture and biography
Contact: jana.ballenthien (ät) tu-harburg.de

Anne Prinsregentenheim (@anne_zwitschert), Dresden
Can :: Literature
Languages :: German, English, Russian & Polish with preparation time
Contact: prinsregentenheim (ät) web.de

Barbara Hallama (@BarbNerdy), Berlin
Kann: good talking and presentin skills.. 🙂
über: Future of Music Things (Speaker, Panelist, Moderator @ A2N, SocialMediaWeek, re:publica 12)
the Internet of things, Gadget Fan, Projectmanager Online, App Beta Tester, Blogger (Ironblogger Berlin)
Musik: 20 years work experience in the musicbiz, on all sides, indie, startup, major, software comp. and last not least, I worked 3,5 years as the “Head of Editorial” at the german / austrian iTunes music store.
Sprachen: Deutsch / Englisch
Kontakt: Barbnerdy(ät)gmail.com

Martina P. Wilczynski (@mawi1962), Potsdam
Kann: arbeitet im Stadtteilbezogenen Sozialmanagment als Projektkoordinatorin, war Radioreporterin – und Redakteurin, ist Bloggerin , seit 1996 SPD – Mitglied, Vorsitzende des Bündnis FAIRES Brandenburg – dem Landesverband für Lesben, Schwule, Bisexuelle und Trans*, stellvertretende Bundesvorsitzende der AG Lesben und Schwule in der SPD – SCHWUSOS -, gehört der Koordinierungsgruppe Bürgerbeteiligung in Potsdam an
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch
Kontakt: martina.wilczynski(ät)t-online.de

Katharina Nocun (@kattascha)
Ist: Aktiv beim Arbeitskreis Vorratsdatenspeicherung (ehemals Presseansprechpartner), FoeBuD, Freiheit statt Angst (ehemals Presseansprechpartner), Freedom not Fear, StoppACTA, jetzt Listenkandidatin Piratenpartei Niedersachsen, Referentin digitale Verbraucherrechte beim Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband
Kann: Vorratsdatenspeicherung, Innere Sicherheit, Datenschutz, Verbraucherschutz, ACTA, Wirtschaftspolitik, Philosophie, Politik, Soziale Netzwerke, Bloggen, Presse, Piratenpartei, Freiheit statt Angst, Freedom not Fear, Europäische Bürgerinitiative, RFID, Datenschutz an Unis, Datenschutzbestimmungen von Facebook und Google, Überwachungssoftware, Verbraucherrechte, (dezentrale) Soziale Netzwerke, Soziale Bewegungen im Web 2.0, Netzaktivismus, parteiübergreifende Bündnisarbeit für eine bessere Welt 2.0
Sprachen:: Deutsch, Englisch, Polnisch
Kontakt: kattascha [ät] toxisch [dot] net

Valie Djordjevic (@validd), Berlin
Kann: Urheberrecht, Medienwechsel Analog – Digital, Web 2.0 für Anfänger_innen, Schreiben im Netz, Publizieren im Netz, Cyberfeminismus, Netzkritik, Entwicklung des Netzes in den 1990er Jahren, net.art/Netzkunst.
Redakteurin bei iRights.info, Moderatorin faces-l.net, seit den 1990ern in der Netzkulturszene aktiv (Internationale Stadt Berlin, Mikro e.V.)
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Serbisch
Kontakt: vd(ät)valid.de

Nora-Vanessa Wohlert, Berlin
Kann: Startups, Internetunternehmen, Digitales Unternehmertum, Digitale Welt, Bloggen, Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Journalismus, Frauen in Führungspositionen, Frauen in Tech, Online-Verlagswesen
Sprachen: deutsch, englisch
Kontakt: Nora(ät)gruenderszene.de

Ramona Schumann
Ist: Gewerkschafterin, SPD-Frau, Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, Zöllnerin, Dipl.-Verwaltungswirtin, Kommunalpolitikerin
Kann: folgende Themen: SPD, Bildung, Kita, verschiedenste (Kinder-)Betreuungsformen, Berufstätigkeit als (junge)Mutter, Rush Hour des Lebens, Work-Life-Balance, Lebensmodelle, vermitteln zwischen Lebensentwürfen, Familien-Arbeitswelt, Kommunalpolitik, Fachkräftemangel im öffentlichen Dienst, Gleichstellung in der Verwaltung, Frau in einer männlich geprägten (!) Verwaltung, Frau im Vollzugsdienst, Gender-Budgeting, geschlechtergerechte Beurteilung
Kontakt: r_schu(ät)gmx.de

Jennifer Miksch (@jennifermiksch), Berlin
Kann: Master vom HEID Genf in International Affairs, e-government und open data, Frauen als Gründer von Online Start-Ups, Stereotype, Gender, Frauen in Führungspositionen
Sprachen:: deutsch, englisch, spanisch, französisch
Kontakt: jenniferamiksch(ät)gmail.com

Laura Dornheim (@ blackblond), Berlin
Can: women’s quota, women in management positions, women in corporate consultancy, corporate governance, pirate party, family and gender policy in the pirate party, Kegelklub, (everyday) sexism
Languages: German, English
Contact: laura.dornheim (ät) gmx.de

Sylvia Kunze
Can: fair working conditions and social economy international,
European Policy, Youth Unemployment, SPD & European Social Democracy
Languages: German, English
Contact: SylviaKunze (ät) gmx.de

Ursula Bub-Hielscher
Can: journalism, media, media training, documentary films (director), health (psychotherapeutic naturopath) India, politics and culture, psychosocial, women, history of women’s movement
Contact: u.bub-hielscher (ät) web.de

Prof. Dr. Linda Breitlauch (L_Capitana), Wuppertal
Can: Gamedesign, Serious Games, Science
Languages: German, French, Englich
Contact: l.breitlauch (ät) googlemail.com

Madeleine Baldauf (@ 42min42), Weimar
Can: net feminism, feminism, philosophy, activism, queer & genders, authority & power, network politics, veganism
Languages: German, English
Contact: mbaldauf42 (ät) googlemail.com

Vivian Pein (@zeniscalm), Bonn / Hamburg
Can: lectures, panels, moderation from and to Community Management & Building, Social Media Strategy / Management, Enterprise 2.0, Social Media in China, Barcamps, Recruiting and Digital Life.
A selection of references can be found here http://www.vivianpein.de/referenzen/
Languages: German, English
Contact: vivian.pein (ät) gmail.com

Sonya Winterberg (@experimentdays), Dresden / Berlin / Helsinki
Is: MA in European Media, freelance journalist / author, lecturer
(IAF / DICO), Participation processes, Leadership and leadership, Diversity management, Intercultural communication, Intercultural communication, Intercultural communication, EKD, interreligious dialogue
Media: Documentary (Digital, Print, TV Documentary)
Countries: USA, Finland, Scandinavia, EU / Brussels, Middle East, Afghanistan, Kashmir
Languages: German, English, Swedish, French
Contact: sonyawinterberg (ät) gmail.com

Michell Thorne (@thornet)
Can: Free Culture, Open Web, Open Design, Participation, Awesome Foundation, Global peer-driven communities
Languages: English, German
Contact: michelle (ät) mozillafoundation.org

Topics: Network World, Hackerspaces, DIY (Crafting to Upcycling), Political Education, Cultural Management and Fundraising, Interdisciplinary (Online) Communication, Marketing (for Lowbudget Initiatives
/ Clubs), Awareness, Self-Determination, Alternative Living, Urban Hacking, Group Communication, Vocational Training, Hartz4
Languages German
Contact: antiproduct (ät) datalove.me

Rena Tangens, Bielefeld and Berlin
FoeBuD, organizer and jury member of the BigBrotherAwards, honorary member of the CCC, artist
Can: data protection, especially RFID, Facebook; Network policy; Digital civil rights, art, PGP, technical design, development of network culture since the 80s, androocentrism on the net
Websites of their projects: www.foebud.org, www.socialswarm.net and
Contact: rena (ät) tangens.de and mail (ät) foebud.org

Jeannette Gusko (@JeanneRaffut), Berlin
Can: communication management, business consulting, public relations, strategic communication in startups, investor relations, venture capital, women in leadership, women in technology, science, PHD, social media, innovation, technology
Languages: German, English
Contact: jeannette [point] gusko [ät] gmail [dot] com

Ute Scheub, Berlin, Germany
Can: Sustainability and future viability, ecosocial pioneers, stories of success and good news, visionews, TerraPreta eco projects, How men benefit from equality, gender and conflict, gender in international politics, 1000 peace women worldwide, women’s security council, national and international environmental policy, women In the 1920s, taz founding history, ethics in the media, Nazikinder.
Further website: www.visionews.net
Contact: ute.scheub (ät) t-online.de

Lydia Pintscher (@nightrose), Berlin
Can: free software, free knowledge, community management, mentoring
Languages: German, English
Contact: lydia (ät) pintscher.de

Nikola Richter (@nikonee), Berlin
Can: blogs for festivals, study course, book, publishing on the web, literature and web, superdemocracy, working with child, lyric, co-partner of the co-working space glasundbild.com, moderation
Languages: German, English
Contact: post (ät) blogmacherei.de

Verena Delius (@VerenaDE), Berlin
Can: Blogging – www.verena-delius.de
Speaking – www.youtube.com/watch?v=2V7Sc2tORrk
Languages: German, English
Contact: verena (ät) goodbeans.com

Andrea Nienhaus (@a_nienhaus), Berlin
Can: adbusting / communication strategies between truth and fake, social media for NGOs, blogging, green / social / open design, graphic design to do, DIY, social innovation, co-working space associate glasundbild.com, Visual Coaching
Languages: German, English
Contact: kontakt (ät) andreanienhaus.de

Claudia Rauch (@ Frankrankfurt), Berlin
Can: KDE, working with free software communities, coordination of volunteers, working with virtual and international teams, communication between community and commercial partners, event organization, networks, fundraising
Languages: German, English
Contact: rauch (ät) kde.org

Dr. Antje Schrupp, (@antjeschrupp)
Can: Internet for Lisa Norma consumer, blogging, dealing with trolls, demographic change, feminism, women’s movement, gender differences, social movements, religions, philosophy.
Languages: German, English, Italian, Portuguese
Contact: post (ät) antjeschrupp.de

Silke Meyer (@kteatime)
Can: social science perspective on free software, concrete workshops in the field of free software ( “How does $ Bla with free software?”)
Languages: German, English
Contact: silke (ät) silkemeyer.net

Miriam Seyffarth (@_noujoum), Berlin
Can: Islamic science, Arabic space; Arab Spring and Internet; Email encryption; Women’s and gender debates in the pirate party, Twitter, social media, pirate party, free software, colloquial and abbreviation when chatting (German, English, French, Arabic)
Speech languages: German, English, French

Julia Reda (@senficon), Mainz / Wiesbaden
Can be: young pirates, pirate parties, youth work, network policy, non-electorate / political disillusionment, voting rights, copyright, gender, social media (SM experts ftw!), Political science, copyright law, gender, science and technology, visionaries
Languages: German, English

Christina Herlitschka (@suddengrey), Neuss
(Moderation, sustainable design, networking, social media, classical press, online PR, Twitter, interpersonal communication, networks, diplomacy, woman (board) in hackerspace, streetart (Stencils, sticker etc)
Contact: christina.herlitschka (ät) piratenpartei-nrw.de
Blog: www.suddengrey.de

Elle Nerdinger (@ research station), Neuss
Can: Here and now: name and identity concepts, network culture, Internet meme, cultural policy, platform neutrality, pirate party
Contact: research site (ät) googlemail.com

Photographeriona (@Fotografiona), Berlin
Can: Just learn programming, and therefore thinks and writes about
– programming and teaching
– the importance of programming
– Programming as mastery knowledge
– Women and code / hacker / computer
– What has programming to do with emancipation?
Languages: German, English
Contact: fotografiona (ät) gmail.com

Milena Glimbovski (@milenskaya), Berlin
Is: media designer in conception and visualization, blogger, in the Slutwalk Berlin organization team
Can: Underground and open air parties and Hipstertum in Berlin, advertising with a focus on digital campaigns, including social media ghosts, design, a bit of gender and also a bit of porn.
Other: Piratin, Migrantin
Languages: English, German and Russian – with lots of imagination
Contact: mglimbovski (ät) gmail.com

Anke Pohl (@EthicsNews), Schönefeld
Interests and abilities: Whistleblowing, research, writing, unconditional basic income, psychology, physics, philosophy, democracy
Is: musician (composition, lyrics & vocals, keyboard, bass)
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) for Building Construction,
Can also: Web design, sound, graphics, video cut, 3D animation
Contact: redaktion (ät) ethiker.com

Alexandra Graßler (@ knowledge agency), Regensburg
Can: lectures and workshops stick to: political blogging; Recruiting on the net; Business monitoring; Social media for SMEs, crafts and the liberal professions (health care, lawyers, tax consultants); To explain; Facebook & co. For schools, educators and institutes; Promotion of women in the area of network competence; Training concepts for new media;
Languages: German, Bavarian
Contact: info (ät) wissensagentur.net

Lisa Hanna Gerlach (@ Fledi1), Cologne
Can: Tax, Economy, Finance, Societies, Non-Profit, School and Education, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Network Policy, Guy Fawkes, Gender.
Is: Treasurer of the pirates in KV Cologne
Organizations: Rotary, Genisis-Institut gGmbH (Vision Summit)
Languages: German, English
Contact: fledi (ät) online.ms

Manuela Rettig, Stuttgart
Can: social media, social media and NPO’s, gender, family, family planning, organizational development, social management.
Languages: German, English
Contact: manuela.rettig (ät) profamilia.de

Nele Heise (@neleheise), Hamburg
Can: practices of social web usage and theories about social media, demarcation potentials of web usage; Internetethik, ethics of online communication, research ethics on the net; Research on GayRomeo, Muslim Weblogs, World of Warcraft, also web usage of social minorities; Promotional project for the active appropriation of new (media) technologies, social shaping of technology, innovation and domestication processes; Research on the relationship between journalism and (active) audiences and the role of technical-digital intermediaries; Participation in online media and layers of interactivity
Languages: German, English
Contact: n.heise (ät) hans-bredow-institut.de

Anke Gröner (@ankegroener), Hamburg
Can: Fat Acceptance; Body Acceptance; Enjoyable, good, healthy food; Book publishing “Nudeldicke Deern – Free your mind and your fat ass will follow” (2011); Blogging (blogging since 2002); Social Media.
Languages: German and English.

Christiane Link (@Christiane), London
Is: founder of the only German-speaking newspaper in the UK, journalist, political scientist
Can: Social Media, Web Policy, UK – Germany – comparisons, blogs, social movements on the Internet, (Internet) media, journalism on the Internet, accessibility in the Internet and everywhere, disabled people on the Internet
Languages: German, English
Contact: christiane (ät) ortegalink.com

Hannah Wettig, Berlin
Can: Moderation, lectures and panel discussions on topics of the Arab world, in particular: Arab Spring, Egypt, Women, Islamism, Culture, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Economy (including Heinrich Böll Foundation, Rosa-Luxemburg- Foundation, Evangelical Academy of Tutzing, Catholic Day, Literaturherbst Göttingen)
Also: feminism, parenthood
Languages: German, English, French (Arabic)
Contact: hannahwettig (ät) yahoo.de

Christine Weitbrecht (@ChristineWeitb), Frankfurt
Can: Transmedia Storytelling, Convergence Culture, New Media, User Behavior: Today and Tomorrow.
Languages: German, English
Contact: christineweitb (ät) gmail.com

Barbara Streidl, Munich
Can: lectures, discussion sessions, moderation, contrabass
Feminism, family policy, generations and gender, women’s politics, the question of reconciliation, mother myths, where the fathers remain – and also music
Languages: German and English
Contact: barbara.streidl (ät) alpenstrasse.net

Yasmina Banaszczuk (@miinaaa), Hamburg
Can: Network structures, inequality research, social capital, education system & university research, digital divide, women in companies, entrepreneurship and innovation communication in groups, strategy development, corporate / employee communication, membership motions and participation in the SPD, founding member Politkamp e.V., mentor at Arbeiterkind.de
Languages: German, English
Contact: yasmina.mail (ät) gmx.de

Martina Diel (@MartinaDiel), Frankfurt
Is: Coach, author with O’Reilly, IT-Consultant
Can: Lecture, seminars, workshops, discussion sessions, presentations on work, general application
Career in IT, women in MINT professions, self-marketing, especially in social media and Web 2.0
Languages: German, English
Contact: netzfeminismus (ät) martina-diel.de

Sandra Thoms (@Dryas_Verlag), Frankfurt
Is: Founder and Managing Director of Dryas Verlag
Can: company management and founding, everything related to the book, specializing in the topic of e-book and digital publishing.
Languages: German, French, English
Contact: thoms (ät) dryas.de

Nina Kalmeyer (@N_newcruiting), Cologne
Can: Strategy Development HR 2.0- Target Group Analysis HR 2.0- Social Media Skill Gap Analysis and Skill Building Concepts for Social Media Guidelines- Coaching as Social Media Manager, Social Recruiter or Community Manager- Concept & Building Social Media Channel Concept & Building a Facebook Career Fanpage- CommunitySourcing, Community Building- Theme- & Editorial Concepts & Storytelling- Monitoring Concepts- Enterprise 2.0 for HR- Cultural Change- Change Management
Languages: German, English
Contact: Kalmeyer (ät) newcruiting.de

Birgit Rydlewski (@_rya_), Dortmund
Can: is MdL for the pirates in NRW, actually teacher: can be education policy, media, social media, use in schools, counseling, youth, feminism (approaches), economics, literature
Languages German
Contact: rydlewski (ät) gmx.net

Anna Kaleri (@annakaleri), Leipzig
Is: author, journalist, lecturer for literary writing
Can: Analyze tendencies in literary business, literature in the digital age
Languages: German, English
Contact: contact (ät) annakaleri.de

Hannah Beitzer (@HannahBeitzer), Munich
Is: Online journalist from Munich, per quote, more powerful than moderating, writes for Süddeutsche Zeitung and Süddeutsche.de
Can be: pirates from the outside, network policy, politics and social media, generation conflicts in politics, online journalism, media change, women in the media, Russian politics and history, feminism (more practical than theoretical)
Languages: German, English, Russian
Contact: Hannah.Beitzer (ät) sueddeutsche.de

Sybs Bauer, Hamburg
Can: design, gender, communication, bionics
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Contact: info (ät) designkunst.com

Silvia Stieneker
Can: Wikipedia editing workshops for women, introduction to blogging with WordPress, online communication for clubs, NGOs, etc.
Languages: German and English
Contact: stieneker (ät) gmx.de

Leena Simon (@reticuleena)
Can: Network Philosophy, Free Software, Gender, Internet Enquête Commission, Democracy and Citizen Participation, Philosophy, Political Science, Feminist Linguistics, Copyright, Data Protection, Plato, Digital Maturity, Social Networks
Languages: German, English
Contact: mail (ät) leena.de

Alice Wiegand (@lyzzy), Düsseldorf
Can: municipal administration, geodata, Wikimedia, free knowledge, Wikipedia
Languages: German, English
Contact: me.lyzzy (ät) gmail.com

Silke Schippmann (@ Sylke_S), Hamburg
Is: Consultant for social media and community management.
Focus: community building, content management, self branding and social recruiting.
Specialized in: Healthcare, commercial, mechanical and plant engineering
Available languages: DE, EN
Contact: dialogartists (ät) gmail.com

Judith Torma (@Rednermacherin)
Is: trained rhetorician of the University of Tübingen has been supporting medium-sized enterprises for 10 years. With regard to the individual, I strengthen your advantages and show alternatives for dithering. My motto: “In you must burn what you want to ignite in others”.
(White) – Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally, Rally, Rhetoric , Portugal, D.), presenting without awe, personal branding, better meetings, internal company communication
Blog: http://Rhetorikblog.com
Languages: German, English
Contact: info (ät) rhetorikseminar.org

Martina Freundorfer (@heartbeaz) Berlin
Is: Diplom-Informatikerin (FH), web developer at mobile.de. She is a long-standing active member in the following associations:
– dib e.V. (german female engineer)
– webgrrls (Business Network for Women on the Web)
– Chaos Computer Club (CCC e.V.)
Their thematic focus is the advantages and disadvantages of Web
2.0 and the informational self-determination in the net.
Lectures in German and English eg:
Can: Facebook, Twitter, XING, LinkedIn – Communication among women; Geocaching – Treasure hunt by GPS and coordinates; Email encryption with PGP; Social media interaction – podcasting, blogs, videos; Web development – HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript; Gender diversity, feminism, women in technology; Data protection, IT security
Languages: German, English
Contact: freundorfer (ät) gmail.com

Anja C. Wagner (@acwagner), Berlin
Can: Open Learning, Open Education, Flow, Network, Creative Class, User Experience, Digital Divide, Learning Cultures, Global Educational Policy, Real Time Delphi Method, Future Research, …
Languages: German, English
Contact: speak2acw (ät) gmail.com

Sarah Mersch (@ sarah81m), Tunis / Berlin
Can: journalism (blogs, social media, multimedia journalism, Tunisia, Maghreb, “Arab Spring”, role of Internet in the Arab world, circumvention of censorship technology, Arab world, film
Languages: German, English, French (Arabic)
Contact: mail (ät) sarah-mersch.de

Claudia Kimich (@kimich_de); Munich
Is: Diplom Informatikerin
Can: interactive, informative and entertaining lectures; Equal Pay Day for women; To negotiate money (book published in Beck Verlag); Women’s networks – webggrls-bayern.de – Regional management for 10 years; Self-awareness – quick-wittedness – self-marketing; Talk plain text and deal with the echo; Juggling and negotiating stanzas
Languages German
Contact: claudia (ät) kimich.de

Manuela Schon (@manuelaschon), Wiesbaden
Can: SGB II topics ( “Hartz IV”), Antifa / Antira, deportation prevention, women in politics, armaments expeditions, leftist politics (party DIE LINKE and alliance / movement), local politics
Languages: German, English
Contact: m.schon (ät) dielinke-wiesbaden.de

Hanna Sammüller (@LilithMuc)
Member and Board of Directors at tt30, the young ThinkTank of the Club of Rome (www.tt30.de)
Topics: Environment, energy, resources.
Co-author of the Future Manifesto, www.daszukunftmanifest.de, http://www.rowohlt.de/buch/Das_Zukunftsmanifest_Rowohlt_E_Book_Only.3066314.html
Topics: Justice and especially gender equality.
Lawyer (1. StEx, Ph.D. student, trainee),
Topics: Constitutional law and especially fundamental rights, environmental law, environmental criminal law.
Languages: German, English, French
Contact: h.sammueller (ät) tt30.de

Stine Eckert (@stineeckert), Washington DC / University of Maryland
Can: blogging, counterpublications, network activism, net feminism, Wikipedia gender gap, women on the net, intersectionality, representation of women in the media, journalism, online democracy, participation, media system, qualitative research – in Germany and the USA
Languages: German and English
Contact: keckert@umd.edu

Sandra Becker (@ sabe017), Berlin
Is: Diplomdesigner, media artist, FU lecturer, member of the board of directors webgrrls.de, delegate to the German Women’s Council and works in the Medienwerkstatt Berlin.
Can: video, film, design, graphics, photo, web 2.0, media art, feminism, marketing, artistic transformation (for three years as a guest professor at Udk). The focus is on creative projects in the digital field. Visual research in the voltage field of analog and digital; Biographical project work; Workshop video sketches; Noise in the moving picture. Author of “La Duré”, internet locks, depiction of body images on the web, community development.
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French
Contact: mail (ät) sandrabecker01.de

Kathrin Kaufmann (@kommanderkat), Hamburg, Germany
Can: Digital Strategy, Digital Publishing, Content Strategy, Social Media, Innovation, Blogging, Pop Culture,
Languages: German, English
Contact: kathrin.kaufmann (ät) gmail.com

Ulrike Langer (@ulrikelanger), Seattle
Is: freelance USA correspondent for media and marketing innovation, three to four times a year at lecture and workshop tours in D / A / CH.
Can: Digital innovations in the media and in journalism. Focus: social media, communitybuilding, hyperlocal business models, data journalism (international overview), entrepreneur journalism, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding.
Languages: German, English

Catrin Schoneville (@catrin), Berlin
Is: Currently press reviewer of Wikimedia Germany
Can: Wikipedia explain and knows the Wikiversum
* Explain free knowledge without an outdoor swimming pool
* Can be well-dosed with social media
* Can endure Shitstorms
* Has witnessed and experienced the change in PR and media work over the last 25 years
Further topics: OER – Free education material in Germany, cooperation with scientific and cultural institutions, gender questions, volunteer motivation / support, community work
Languages: German, English
Contact: cschoneville (ät) gmail.com

Chris Köver (@ckoever), Berlin
Can: Journalism, Feminism, Network Culture & Social Media, Blaumachen, Foliage, Corporate and Indie Publishing, Topic-finding, Gender-Equivalent Language, Pop Culture, Horror and Science Fiction, Nerdism, DIY, Girls
(Books “Mach’s self” and “Congratulations, you’re a girl” at Beltz)
Languages: German, English, (Hungarian)
Contact: chris (ät) missy-mag.de

Johannah Illgner (@banana_johannah), Heidelberg
Is: freelance PR consultant, political scientist (M.A.), spokeswoman Jusos Heidelberg (SPD), editorial direction /e-politik.de/ Heidelberg_Mannheim
Can: Hold lectures on various topics (s.u.), PR and social media consulting
Topics: PR, Public Affairs, Feminism, Network Feminism, Gender, Queer Feminist Topics, Network Policy, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media, #show, Political Science, Ethnology
Languages: German, English
Contact: johannahillgner (ät) gmx.de

Myriam Thyes
Can: lectures and artist talks about my own works.
Lecture on “Animation film in the context of the fine arts”.
Lecture on “Zurich at the beginning of modernity – DADA, expression, constructive aesthetics and deep psychology – in the focus: Toni Wolff / Sophie Taeuber-Arp / Suzanne Perrottet”.
Podium participation in topics such as digital art – computer animation – video art – digital photomontage – digital (media) collage, vector graphics.
Languages: DE, EN, if necessary also IT and FR
Contact: myriam (ät) thyes.com